About us

Praja Pragathi Trust (PPT) is working in 100 villages covering 10 mandals of Chittoor District mostly focusing on empowerment of women and Scheduled Tribe. Organization is keen in promoting non pesticidal management among the farmers through various techniques and promote livelihoods through forest management & agricultural value addition. PPT has the good experience in Zero Based Natural Farming and adopted successful technologies, which are promoted in the rural villages. Apart from that, Organization is having good exposure in livelihood identification & promotion based on the target groups, encouraging quality education in schools, facilitating financial support to SHG’s for promoting livelihoods through NABFINS and established MACTs for the members reaching more than 1000 women. Protecting Child Rihgts through HELP LINE is another intervention of the Organization and Solid Waste Management activity has proved good impact on the society, which has changed people’s mindset towards recycling, reuse and reduce waste. Organization is working with Central Government, State Government, International Funding Agencies and Corporate on various developmental activities in both rural & urban areas.Praja Pragathi Trust is more focused on “Yanadi tribe” which is one of the indigenous tribes of South India. Organization strives for the upliftment of these tribes and brings them out of darkness of vulnerability. Yenadi tribes are over 400,000 live in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh in India and there is need for upliftment of these tribes.


Creating a self-reliant civil society by promoting rights of the most marginalized communities


Educate and empower the poorest of the poor communities through creating awareness, protecting human rights, promoting sustainable livelihoods, providing quality education, accessing better health care services, conserving natural resources, sustaining eco based agricultural practices and achieving self reliant village republic through collective approach.